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“Montgomery Street” is a photography project documenting a historic street in Savannah that is being gentrified and forgotten. Montgomery Street is known for having a bad reputation among locals and someone driving down the street may think it is deserted. People are always told to steer clear of the street because it’s a “bad street full of bad people.” However, after months of exploring the street on my own and talking to those living there, I learned that the street is rich with history and the tight-nit community is proud of their street. Since Savannah, Georgia was heavily segregated up until the late ’60s, Montgomery Street was where people of color would go shopping, get dinner, catch up with friends, and live. Now since the popular Broughton Street is continuously growing, Montgomery Street hasn’t been able to sustain its businesses and has been neglected by the city. Community churches are being demolished to make way for new apartment buildings, Ma and Pa restaurants that have been around for generations are going out of business, and the people of Montgomery Street are being pushed out of their homes. Despite all of this, Montgomery Street continues to be a popular place for the community to come together. My goal for this project is to challenge the city’s perception of Montgomery Street and show them the amazing people and rich history that they are demolishing.  

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